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Will You be This Year’s Thoth Best of Show?

June 26, 2018

From Katelynn Wiggins, PRSA-NCC board member

Do you have best-of-show quality programs? Submit your best work to the Thoth Awards by August 1. Every program entry is automatically considered for the Best of Show award. The diversity of programs over the 50-year history is vast, and you could be next! 

With the PRSA-NCC Thoth Awards’ 50th anniversary upon us, we sought to open the vault of Best of Show award recipients. Unfortunately, the majority of Thoth historical records were destroyed in a fire in the 1980s before data was stored in the cloud. Now we can only imagine who might have been the very first recipient of the prestigious Best of Show award in 1968.

The country was in a time of great change in 1968. Big events of the year can help us envision what a Thoth Best of Show might have been. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, Boeing introduced the first 747 Jumbo Jet, two black athletes staged a silent demonstration against racial discrimination at the Summer Olympics, Apollo 7 was the first spacecraft to do a live TV broadcast, public skepticism of the Vietnam war exploded, the Fair Housing Act was signed, the first black woman was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, Yale began admitting female undergraduates, and 60 Minutes debuted.

All these milestone events are exacerbated by the level of communication technology available at the time. The internet was an idea barely conceptualized. The first commercial online service, Compuserve, wasn’t founded until 1969. Color TV was only just becoming commonplace and wasn’t standard until the 1970s.

What we do know over the past 30 years is programs promoting health, government policies, tourism and more show the breadth of entries that have nabbed the Best of Show. PR agencies, hospitals, government agencies and associations have all proven themselves worthy of a Best of Show. A few notable Best of Show recipients include:

  • 1998: Dedication of the Women in Military Service Memorial, Susan Davis International produced for the American Memorial Foundation
  • 2000: Aviation Millennium Project, Air Transport Association
  • 2004: The Heart Truth, Ogilvy Washington produced for the National Heaty, Lung and Blood Institute
  • 2005: A Tribute to a Generation: Dedication of the National WWII Memorial, Burson-Marsteller produced for the American Battle Monuments Commission
  • 2009 Cut the Bait, Oceana
  • 2014: Keep What You’ve Earned Campaign, Booz Allen Hamilton produced for the U.S. Navy
  • 2017: HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention: Increasing Clinicians’ HPV Vaccination Recommendation Quality to Prevent Cancer, Hager Sharp produced for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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