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Delahaye Paine Urges PR Pros to Define the Champagne Moment

Katie Delahaye Paine urged attendees at the March 19 Traditional and Social Media Workshop to be 'data informed, not data driven.' In other words, she emphasized the importance of measuring what matters most to your organization. To do so, it is important to make a strong connection between what we do in PR to over-arching business objectives.

Goals must be clearly defined upfront to ensure that results will be meaningful to senior management. Impact and value will always be dependent on organizational objectives. It may be helpful to engage in a vision exercise with senior leadership by asking them to 'define their champagne moment,' as in describing the ultimate success that the organization is trying to achieve.

It is critical for public relations professionals to be focused on the return on investment, and the return must always be a financial outcome. In fact, Delahaye Paine refers to financial results as the 'iron dome' of success.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that impressions are not awareness, according to Delahaye Paine. She went on to warn that most metrics measure likelihood of virality as opposed to genuine influence. Social media can provide beneficial metrics since audiences that engage with your content naturally have awareness of the content.

Delahaye Paine also advises choosing tools carefully, and says that it is not possible to compare metrics across multiple platforms, saying 'use one or none.' She goes on to emphasize that research goals should be used to get senior leadership on board with activities, and sharing these research goals with the broader team will help encourage everyone to fall in line.

Finally, Delahaye Paine recommended arming yourself with a "Kick Butt Index" that is readily available, actionable and improves processes. KBI should include measures of tonality, messaging, quotes, dominance and visibility.

All attendees received a copy of Delahaye Paine's book, Measure What Matters, which can be purchased at her website.

Joe Cohen, PRSA President, Addresses NCC Members about the PRSA International Conference

The last time that PRSA's International Conference came to Washington, D.C., it was 2010. The PR profession has changed significantly since then said Joe Cohen, APR, PRSA President and Senior Vice President at MWW in New York City speaking to PRSA-NCC leaders at the Springfield Golf and Country Club on Saturday, March 1.

Panel of Digital Video Experts Explain Its Use and Applications

Considering that digital video is reaching unprecedented levels of viewing globally, the Professional Development session with a panel of video experts on October 16th at the Navy Memorial could not have been better timed. The three video expert speakers proved to be adept at explaining the ins-and-outs of the use of video, and how it has been increasingly used to sell products, tell stories, and educate audiences.  

National Expert Provides Media Training Tips

IPRA’s October Lunch Program Supports Media Relations

IPRA’s October lunch program, “Media Training for Media Trainers,” provided participants a wealth of tips from expert media trainer Chryssa Zizos, president of Live Wire Media Relations. Zizos, who has coached U.S. presidents as well as corporate CEOs, offered an opportunity for the PR pros in the room to place themselves in the hot seat, complete with rapid-fire questions and bright studio lights.

The Vs and Ps of Crisis Communications

September’s PRSA-NCC Professional Development workshop, “Social Media’s Impact on Crisis Communications,” was particularly timely and poignant. Held the day after the tragic shooting at the Navy Yard — at the chapter’s regular meeting venue, the U.S. Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania  Avenue — the workshop began with a moment of silence for the victims and their families.

Content Marketing – What Every PR Professional Needs to Know

Publish or perish. In the new world of online communities and web marketing, this classic adage is not just for academics anymore, but for virtually all marketers and PR professionals. This month’s PRSA-NCC professional development breakfast panel focused on the growing trend of content marketing and how communicators can use interactive online platforms like blogging, Facebook and Twitter to tell their organization’s story.