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September 2018 President’s Message by Sabrina Kidwai

September 14, 2018

Dear PRSA-NCC members:

Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather is starting to change, leaves are turning different colors, and it’s football season. At the start of the year and this summer, I’ve made some goals, and some of them I haven’t started yet. However, the last few weeks I’ve changed my thinking.  

I haven’t made my personal goals a priority. There are lots of excuses. At the end of July, I finally started one of my most important goals. At ASAE’s Annual Meeting in August, I listened to Siri Lindley, a former world champion triathlon athlete. She talked about her journey and why she decided to run a triathlon. She reflected on her challenges, struggles in racing as well as victories. The keys to being success were changing her mindset and learning from failure.

During one of her races, she came out of the swimming portion, and she realized she was behind most of the participants. In the past, she would given up and believed the race was over. However, she trained with one of the best coaches who put her through various mental challenges. She had to switch her thinking.

Instead of thinking in a negative way, she replaced it with the belief she was going to cycle and run the best she could in order to win the race. She raced hard the rest of the way and ended up finishing first. She won because she switched how she looked at the situation.

A week later, I listened to a podcast and they talked about making goals and how you can succeed. The key is making small goals and finishing them. If your goal is to get through a busy week of work and you accomplish it, then you made your goal. If you are an athlete, and your goal is not getting hurt, then that’s a great goal.

As I reflected on my goals, I’ve started to make smaller goals. When I accomplish them, it motivates me to continue reaching to the bigger goal. I’ve seen a difference in how I’m working to accomplish it because I’ve switched how I see the overall goal. When I think about work, there are times when I’ve had a two-page list of things to finish. I always break it down for what I have to finish today versus looking at the long list. I’ve struggled to apply the same philosophy personally, but I’m working on it.

What are some smaller goals you can create this week? How can you change your mindset about one thing in your life either personally or professionally?

As a PRSA-NCC member, what’s one professional goal you have? How can the chapter help you achieve it? Is there a specific program or event that we need to consider? Is there a skill you want to hone or learn? Consider volunteering for the chapter. It’s a great way to gain experience and bring back ideas to your organization.

Next month, we have our 50th Thoth Awards at the National Press Club on October 18. Hope you will join us to celebrate the best communication campaigns as well as honoring the Hall of Fame winners this year.  


Sabrina Kidwai
PRSA-NCC President