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September 2017 President’s Message by Sabrina Kidwai

September 11, 2017

Hello PRSA-NCC members,

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day and are enjoying the first few weeks of September. During the end of August, I took a trip to Europe for two weeks. I explored Prague, Nuremberg, Germany, and Stein Switzerland. I left my work phone and iPad at home and disconnected.

One of the things I did was read magazines and finished reading a book called, Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day by Todd Henry. He spoke at one of ASAE’s conferences, and I really enjoyed his talk. I wanted to read more about how you can unleash your best work every day and see how I could apply this to work as well as my leadership with PRSA-NCC.

The book explores why people postpone difficult tasks and what clutters our creativity, discipline, and innovation. He mentions that we all have unique contributions, but the key is discovering what that is and cultivating a mindset, so you can push through mental barriers and unleash your best work every day.

After finishing the book, here are a few things that resonated with me:

  • Writing down questions that aren’t directly related to driving immediate results. He also mentions to jot down times when points of curiosity comes up of “why?” or “huh?” and see the similarities.
  • ​Before going into a meeting, reading a book or article, or experiencing something new, write down questions or things you want to learn, consider, or apply. It will help your mind listen better and try to see how you can relate it back to your job, volunteer work, or personal life.
  • Develop a list of skills or topics you want to learn more about. Write down a specific objectives and create short and long-term tasks to accomplish it. For example, a timeline, other projects you can do to reach the goals (class, articles, etc.). Consider what battles you may face and how will you handle them.
  • Make time to write notes to people and offer encouragement, and call people in your network more often (15-minute calls).
  • Create a SWOT analysis on a personal level. Strengths (things I’m naturally good at), weaknesses (activities I struggle with), opportunities (areas that you will likely perform well if given a chance) and threats (areas where you are vulnerable). Once you create this list, Henry mentions it’s important to think about how you can structure your day, so you can minimize your dependence on areas where you are the weakest.
  • The importance of taking small risks throughout your life because it will led to something bigger, and it will help you determine the best way forward.

Throughout my career, I’ve set goals. Sometimes I’ve reached them, other times I haven’t. In each case, there’s a reason for it. We are all busy with our lives from work, family and volunteer commitments. The key is working on your goals a little bit every day. You may not always do it, but we should at least strive for it.

Sometimes when you least expect it you will have that aha moment and realize that the work, volunteer time, and experiences you’ve accomplished may have taken longer than you wanted. However, it helped you become who you are and figure out your next steps.

As you think about your next career or personal goal, consider how PRSA-NCC programming or volunteering can help you fulfill it. As an organization, we are here to help you succeed.

I hope to see you at the Thoth Gala on October 12!

Best Regards,

Sabrina Kidwai
President, PRSA-NCC