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Join the PRSA-NCC Mentoring program: Become a Mentor or Mentee

Are you a young professional looking for guidance?

Are you mid-career and seeking a way to get to the next level or change industries?

Are you a senior practitioner who can benefit from guidance on digital strategies or managing millennials from a young professional?

Are you a seasoned professional interested in advising the next generation of communicators? Or perhaps you are earlier in your career and can offer tips to a student ready to graduate to help them navigate the post-college world?

Wherever you are at – there’s a PRSA-NCC mentor or mentee match for you. As the largest chapter in the United States in one of the most exciting areas to live and work in the country, PRSA-NCC matches practitioners across levels—from young PR practitioners to mid-career professionals, to senior communications leaders.

Through these mentorship matches, participants gain guidance on management, job searches, career transitions, professional development, ethics, navigating the business world, and more. Beyond that, participants potentially gain a new friend in their network along the journey of their careers.

We define the mentor-mentee role as one that allows both parties to gain something valuable out of the experience. If you are a member of PRSA-NCC or a PRSSA chapter at your college, then you are eligible to apply. Once you are matched, please use our helpful recommendations to guide you on the next steps. One of our mentorship advisors will check in with you to see how it’s going and offer guidance where needed.

Fill out a form and take the next step in mentorship. And if you aren’t a member already, sign up now, to gain access to our mentorship program.


If you have been in the field for at least 3 years and are interested in being matched you with a mentee, please complete the Mentorship Profile form.

Mentors typically offer guidance through in-person meetings, as well as phone or e-mail for mentees regarding career development, dealing with difficult clients or bosses, or expectations for a new PR employee. Sharing your skills, experiences, and insights with PR practitioners is personally satisfying and doesn't require a lot of time on your part.

You’ll also have the opportunity to set the preferred duration of the mentorship partnership – three months, six months, or longer. By mentoring, you will continue to expand your leadership skill set, give back to your local PRSA chapter, and you can also positively influence the PR profession by making a profound difference through this small investment of your time.


If you are currently in the field of public relations and looking for a mentor, or completing your degree at a local college or university and a member of your PRSSA chapter, please  complete the Mentorship Profile form. Please also consider the preferred duration of the mentorship partnership – three months, six months, or longer.

Once we match you with your mentor, you are responsible for initiating the conversation and doing your utmost to make good use of your mentor’s time. Please contact your mentor soon after you receive his or her contact information and find out the way they prefer to be reached and offer up a time to get together. Generally mentors and mentees communicate via phone and email, not text message. If you extend an invitation to get together for coffee or lunch, it’s customary for you to pick up the tab, so plan accordingly. 


For questions about mentoring, contact:
Sultana F. Ali, APR