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October 2017 President’s Message by Sabrina Kidwai

October 15, 2017

Dear PRSA-NCC Members:

In late September, members of the board and committee chairs gathered for a board retreat. We talked about the current state of the chapter and brainstormed ideas on how to improve. The majority of the discussion centered on membership and chapter programming, and we had several great ideas come out of the meeting. Now, we are going to delve into the ideas and see what we can implement in the future.

For the October 18 board meeting, we are going to talk about strategies and ideas on how to build a pipeline of future leaders for the board. It’s an issue that many chapters are facing across the country for PRSA as well as other associations.

Each year, the chapters from the Mid-Atlantic District (chapters from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware) get together to develop our leadership skills and talk about issues we are facing. Seven years ago, I went to the retreat with another colleague went with me. She’s a few years younger than me, and on the way back, she mentioned how we were the youngest people in the room. She was completely right.

In the last few years, I’ve noticed more professionals who are mid-career, like myself, at the meeting, which is fantastic. Last year, a couple of young professionals came and loved it!

As president, one of my focus areas is building a better pipeline of future leaders for the chapter. I would love your help!

Here are a few asks:

  • As a chapter member, please vote in the board elections. We have a great slate of volunteers who want to give back to the chapter. Deadline to vote is October 22.
  • I’ve created a short survey and would love your feedback. If you participate and leave your information, you will be entered into a chance to win a free registration to a PD event of your choice. Here’s a link to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/D2DPLCF.
  • If you are thinking about volunteering, please reach out to me or someone on the board. We would be happy to help you.   
  • If you have any specific ideas on how we can build a better pipeline, please email me your suggestions. My email is Kidwai.sabrina@gmail.com.

Hope everyone has a great October and see you at a future event!


Sabrina Kidwai
PRSA-NCC Chapter President