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Insider Interview: With Antonice Jackson, MPS

October 15, 2017

In this month’s Insider Interview, we speak with Antonice Jackson, MPS, owner and publicist of her own firm, the Audacious Publicity & Management Group (APMG). AMPG is a boutique public relations, strategic marketing and management firm based in Washington, D.C. Antonice is a member of the board of directors with the National Capital Chapter of PRSA and also serves as president of the National Black Public Relations Society (Washington, D.C. chapter). She was recently named one of six winners of the Washington Women in Public Relations (WWPR) Emerging Leaders Awards (ELAs). 

PRSA-NCC: Antonice, thank you for joining us. Congratulations for being named a 2017 Emerging Leader by the Washington Women in Public Relations. What does this honor mean to you?

AJ: Thank you so much! I think I actually shed a couple tears as I walked to get the award. But it is truly an honor and very humbling to know that someone is watching my work and appreciates it. This recognition meant so much to me and I am thankful.

PRSA-NCC: Please describe your company and what led you to make the decision to become an independent practitioner?

AJ: My company is a publicity, marketing and management firm. My clients are typically music and entertainment related. I also support nonprofits as well. As far as what led to my decision to become an independent practitioner, I’ve always wanted to work for myself. It was just a question of when to begin. While in graduate school at Georgetown University, I learned a lot more about public relations, and it was then when I felt more confident about making it happen. It’s honestly a blessing. I’m glad I finally took that leap.

PRSA-NCC: You serve on the board of directors with PRSA’s National Capital Chapter and you are the president of the National Black Public Relations Society (Washington, D.C. chapter). You have quite a passion to serve the PR community in the DC region. What are some things in particular you would like to accomplish in these roles?

AJ: Yes, I definitely have a passion for serving the PR community. I love being able to be a resource to people and truly creating a community or family of PR practitioners. I also have a deep-down passion for being an advocate for diversity and inclusion as it relates to the PR and communications fields. We are all doing the same work, and we should be able to work, learn, grow and teach together.

PRSA-NCC: What aspects of the public relations industry do you enjoy the most?

AJ: I love being able to engage with people on a regular basis and the fact that each and every day is not the same are some big aspects on PR that I enjoy. I also like the social media angle that PR has taken. People are literally pitching through Twitter and Instagram! It’s great to see the media landscape continue to change.

PRSA-NCC: What is next for you on the horizon?

AJ: I would like to work my company full-time and truly expand. I am in pursuit to become a professor down the line. Teaching and being a resource to people is so important to me. I remember the people that helped me to where I am today. I want to return the favor through education and mentorship.

PRSA-NCC: What do you like to do in your spare time?

AJ: Listening to live music and spending time with my family. I also enjoy wine, so you may catch me at a local winery somewhere in Maryland.