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Pro Bono and Community Support


The National Capital Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA-NCC) is seeking proposals from local nonprofit organizations that have a public relations challenge or opportunity and need additional resources to effectively address the issue. Our goal is to support the community by assisting a nonprofit organization with its public relations efforts, as an adjunct to an existing team or infrastructure, for a three-year engagement.

The National Capital Chapter's Pro Bono and Community Support Committee is dedicated to the following two objectives:

  • Providing pro bono work for organizations in the greater Washington, D.C. area
  • Leading the chapter's charitable involvements in the greater Washington, D.C. area

What We Do

This philanthropic committee provides critical communications expertise to local agencies and organizations. Members provide pro bono public relations strategy and tactical work for organizations in need of assistance. The committee also leads the Chapter’s charitable and community service work, which includes working with the Thoth Awards Committee to organize the charitable component of the Thoth Awards event.

Who We Are Looking For

We welcome new committee members who want to:

  • Find worthy organizations in need of public relations help, and provide the help
  • Work with important local organizations in need of communications guidance
  • Strategize the Chapter’s charitable involvements, and help to organize the charity component of the Thoth Awards in September
  • Get creative about all of the above – put your unique mark on it!

Committee responsibilities include:

  • Create Pro Bono and Charitable Involvement Strategy
  • Meet as a Committee on a regular basis; frequency is decided by the committee
  • Interface with Thoth Awards Committee to plan the charitable component of the awards event
  • Interface with charitable organizations
  • Organize selection of pro bono clients and the help they need
  • Evaluate success and identify improvement areas for the Committee and our work

Benefits of Committee Membership

  • Resume and portfolio-building pro bono work – impressive to current and potential employers
  • Networking among a variety of Washington, D.C. area organizations
  • Gain experience in corporate social responsibility,  philanthropy, community service, community relations and event planning
  • Be a strategist as well as a tactical advisor
  • Make a real contribution to organizations who need you!

Meet Our 2018-2020 Client

PRSA-NCC's new pro bono client for 2018-2020 is Mary's Center, a community center that provides health care, family literacy and social services to individuals whose needs are unmet by the public and private systems. Mary's Center was founded in 1988 as a means to meet the needs of immigrant women fleeing violence, war and poverty in Central America, and has grown from a small community clinic in a basement that served only 200 women to a community health center serving more than 50,000 men, women and children with 8 locations in the broader DC metropolitan area and 2 senior wellness centers. Its staff has grown from 10 to 650, with its annual operating budget increasing from $250,000 to $59 million. Mary's Center believes in a social change model, which integrates medical services, social services, education and workforce development. Mary's Center offers a full spectrum of primary care, including prenatal care, pediatrics, adult care, chronic diseases, HIV and Cancer navigation, telemedicine, behavioral health and dental care, as well as case management, home visiting, insurance enrollment, WIC, English and computer classes, child care licensing, and medical assistance training.  For more information, visit

How to Join the Committee

Contact our committee leaders
Carol Wilkerson

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