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The National Capital Chapter Membership Committee is responsible for welcoming, maintaining, and recruiting new members, as well as increasing new member awareness of chapter opportunities to maximize their participation in their areas of public relations interest.

The Membership Committee objectives are to:

  • Initiate new members to become visibly engaged in the local public relations community.
  • Help new members become aware through NCC Chapter communications about seminars, meetings, luncheons, and other programs. 
  • Direct new members to become involved in leadership roles.
  • Help new members benefit from their PRSA-NCC membership.

What We Do

The Membership Committee meets on a bi-monthly basis to plan and organize new membership meetings and events, create welcome materials for members, and solidify plans to recruit and engage members.

Who We Are Looking For

The Membership Committee’s key objective is to welcome all of the new members to the NCC Chapter, and make sure they are maximizing their investment and benefits available to them as a member.

The committee also welcomes any public relations or communications practitioners who would like to join the committee itself to help members stay current on the latest areas of interest within the chapter, and make sure that new member participation builds the value of public relations excellence in their workplace and marketplace.

Benefits of Committee Membership

By joining the Membership Committee, you will join a proactive group of public relations professionals who are dedicated to engaging new chapter members in enhancing their workplace performance. Committee members work toward building attendance at New Member Appreciation events, and helping new members learn more about the chapter’s programs and initiatives to grow their skills sets through webinars, seminars, conferences and other  workshops.

How to Join the Committee

Please contact a Membership Committee Co-Chair
Kristin Gregory
Jenna Gregory