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About IPRA

How IPRA Works

The Independent Public Relations Alliance (IPRA) represents independent  practitioners with experience in communications, marketing and public relations. Independent PR professionals can serve as an organization’s agency of record, be retained for a project, or work on an hourly basis.

Consultants: According to a recent survey, IPRA members possess an average of 30 years of experience and have been in business for an average of eight years. The majority of our members have worked in senior management positions with large corporations, PR agencies, associations and/or government agencies. IPRA members provide a wide array of services from strategic communications to collateral materials development, from crisis management to community relations, from media relations to issues management, and from editing and writing services to outreach to target audiences including the media and social media outlets.

Project Managers: As project managers, IPRA members often are tapped for a short-term period or a special project. This may include training a client in media relations, writing brochure copy, drafting and disseminating a press release, ghostwriting articles, conducting media outreach for a product launch, conference, concert tour or a special event, supervising news distribution from concept to completion, or managing a special event.

A Public Relations Consortium: One unique aspect of IPRA is that our members can assemble a top-notch team of communications’ specialists to bring interdisciplinary expertise to clients with little added cost or time delay. We provide our clients with maximum flexibility and stellar results delivered on time and within budget without the expense of overhead for office space, benefits and headquarters staff such as human resource or IT managers.

Who Will Benefit

IPRA is for you if...

  • You need flexible, reliable, affordable and creative PR services for ongoing consultation, short-term project or just to jump in and help with a project on an hourly basis.
  • Your in-house communications department needs additional PR support but hiring fulltime staff is not in your budget
  • You recently lost a PR staff member but can’t afford to hire someone fulltime
  • Your company needs PR support but is too small to have an in-house PR department
  • Your agency needs expertise in a specific area
  • You need help to meet a tight deadline, win a new account or serve an existing client
  • You need a PR professional who can line up a top-notch team of professionals to help meet client needs
  • You need a local PR representative who knows area reporters better than an out of town agency
  • You need someone on the ground to manage a Washington, D.C. event